Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Chemical Engineering

Biological Sciences

Chemical Reaction Engineering

Materials Synthesis and Processing

Chemical reaction engineering

Plant design

Process design

Biochemical engineering



Chemical process modeling

Chemical Technologist

Chemical reactor

Chemical weapons


Computational fluid dynamics

Corrosion engineering

Cost estimation


Environmental engineering

Earthquake engineering

Fluid dynamics

Food engineering

Fuel cell

Heat transfer

Industrial gas

Industrial catalysts

Mass transfer

Materials science



Mineral processing


Natural environment

Natural gas processing

Nuclear reprocessing

Oil exploration

Oil refinery

Pharmaceutical engineering

Plastics engineering


Process control

Process design

Process development

Process Systems Engineering

Process miniaturization

Paper engineering

Safety engineering

Semiconductor device fabrication

Separation processes (see also: separation of mixture)

Crystallization processes

Distillation processes

Membrane processes

Textile engineering


Transport phenomena

Unit operations

Water technology

Process Modeling and Simulation

Biochemical and Bioprocess Engineering

Hydrodynamics of Multiphase Flow Systems

Energy Conservation and Environment Protection

Frontiers in Seperation Technology

Green Technologies for Chemical Process Industries

Applications of Nanotechnology

Advances in Catalysis and Reaction Engineering

Hydrocarbon Processing

Assistive and Rehabilitation Technology

Biochips and Bioinstrumentation

Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

Biomaterial and Biomolecular Engineering


Biomedical Signal Processing, Imaging and Visualization

Bionanotechnology and BioMEMS

Biooptics and Biosensing

Biorobotics, Surgical Robotics and Surgical Planning

Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems

Cell Mechanics

Cognitive Neuroscience and Neurosystems

Drug Discovery and Design

Distributed Diagnosis and Home Healthcare

Pharmaceutical Engineering

Targeted Drug and Gene Delivery

Tissue Engineering

Administrative Pharmacy and Policy Development

Analytic methods

Application of dissolution testing to regulatory approval

Atmospheric science

Biological and medical applications

Biomedical Engineering Systems and Technologies

Biomolecular Science and Engineering

Bioscience and Technology

Bioseparations Science and Engineering


Careers in pharmacy

Cells and Synapses

Change Management

Clinical & Community Psychology

Clinical and Counseling Psychology

Clinical and Health Informatics

Clinical applications (diagnostic and therapeutic)

Clinical development of new drugs from natural sources

Clinical Laboratory Sciences

Clinical Neuropsychology

Clinical psychology

Community Pharmacy

Complementary medicine

Developing a new resource for drug discovery

Development and use of herbal medicinal products in clinical and pharmaceutical practice

Dissolution testing and application

Drug Design and Development

Dynamical systems

Education in nuclear pharmacy

Engineering problems and applications

Environment and Pharmaceuticals

Ethical issues in pharmacogenetics

Fragment-based design of new drugs/new methods of computer-aided drug design

Hospital Pharmacy

In vitro-in vivo correlation for modified release drug products

In vitro-in vivo correlation: Importance of dissolution in IVIVC

Individualization of Drug Therapy and Ethical Concerns

Industrial Pharmacy

Inversion problems in Geophysics

Lipid based systems and nanotechnology

Medical instruments and devices

Military and Emergency Pharmacy

Modeling and computation of soft matter materials and complex fluids

Molecular dynamics

Monte Carlo methods and applications


Nanotechnology in cancer research

Nanotechnology in medicine and in targeted drug delivery and imaging


Neuropsychological Studies of Mind and Brain

New Radiopharmaceuticals

New strategies in modern medicinal chemistry.

Nuclear Pharmacy

Past, present and future of drug development

PET clinical applications and clinical development

PET uses in drug development

Pharmaceutical care

Pharmaceutical Science and Clinical Applications

Pharmacogenetics of drug-metabolizing enzymes: Implications for a safer drug therapy

Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Pharmacy Education

Pharmacy Engineering

Physiological modelling, simulation, and control

Plant Science and Technology

Positron Emission Tomography (PET)

Quality, Safety and Efficacy of Natural Products

Role of natural products in drug discovery against liver cancer


The Pharmacogenetics of anticancer agents

The Pharmacogenetics of central nervous system drugs

Transformation methods and applications

Understanding dissolution testing and In-Vitro – In Vivo Correlation (IVIVC)